New Product Release!


To the untrained eye, the picture above may look like a bunch of gravel.  But you are actually up close and personal with our next salt!  We’ve been hard at work with our suppliers and are pleased to announce the release of another new product!


There are few flavors more quintessentially desert southwest than the flavor that comes from a mesquite wood barbecue. We’ve managed to bring that flavor to you without any additives, just natural smoked goodness.  Pork, chicken, beef, fajitas, vegetables…you name it, the possibilities are endless!  Some of this new salt is headed for unique blends to be made especially for the folks at Overland Gourmet.

NO additives, no preservatives, no anti-caking agents, just great unrefined sea salt slow smoked over mesquite wood to bring you flavor perfection!

It will be available in our web store on Monday and at the farmer’s markets we serve starting tomorrow!