Thinking about – Our First Year!


Pass out the party hats and the kazoos and the tinsel and the confetti…why? Because January 20th marks our one year anniversary. Last year on that date, go lb. salt debuted their first farmer’s market with just eight artisanal sea salts and five blended bath salts. We were “discovered” by local farmer’s market guru’s Dan & Jessa Kopenhoffer.  They patiently waited for almost 30 minutes for the opportunity to ask us if we had any other markets we were involved in. Silly them, of course we didn’t it was our first day out in unknown world. So, we accepted their offer to join the Gilbert Farmer’s Market and never looked back!

We grossed a grand total of $138 dollars that first day in Fountain Hills for 8 hours of our time (just at the market) and you would have thought we had inherited a million dollars. The lessons learned from that day were worth a great deal more! You never know who you are going to meet or how they will find you, but not a week goes by without at least one interesting story and people who are even more interesting. And best of all, it just keeps getting better!

We added a ninth salt to our offering in March 2011 and relegated the bath salts to online orders in May when almost 20 pounds of blended bath salts liquified as the weather warmed. The good news is that our high mineral content bath salts dissolve quickly. The bad news is they can’t be left in a jar on a black table cloth in the Arizona sun when the temperature gets above 75° F.  In June we added our sugar·licious™ line of certified raw organic flavored cane sugars and our pepper please™ line of certified organic and fair trade peppercorns imported from the Malabar Coast of India.

In July we released FACON™, the first of our own unique line of blends. Three weeks later we introduced our rim·licks™ line of organic blended drink rimmers with Regular Rita, Top Shelf Rita, Raspberry Rita and Santa Fe Rita.  Two weeks later we introduced Bloody Mary.  Right about here, we started our video series “Cooking with Saltware™” and about a week later, we introduced our simple seasonings™ line of gluten free and vegan friendly herb & spice blends. Spicerageous and Southwest Spicy are the forerunners of a total of six blends we plan on carrying in the simple seasonings™ line.

Later this summer we released our Pina Colada and Mojito rim·licks™.  Probably a little too late for most of you to enjoy those pool side, but no one has ever accused us of having great timing! Around the first of October we started working on our Do It Yourself – Dry Aged Beef Kits and an entirely different blend Bacon Chocolate Bliss as well as a new series of rim·licks™ for winter drinks…Wicked Hot Chocolate and Spiced Cider.

Then between Thanksgiving and Christmas we added Saketini, Candy Cane Martini and Chocolate Martini! As if that wasn’t enough, we released our greatest addition of the year…Black Truffle Salt! Then, in the first week of January 2012 our second video series “gourmet in the making” and we released yet another product being made especially for us…Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt.

Whew, it makes me tired just remembering all that we have accomplished this year!

We have been extremely busy during the last year and we still have a lot of new product releases on the board. Look for our new series of Dressing Up!™ dry mix salad dressings to be released in the next week or two. (we’re waiting on packaging) These dressing blends are chemical free, gluten free and vegan friendly and can be blended to make an incredible vinaigrette using your current cruet. And we at least have a half dozen more rim·licks™ on the way.

We are also working on some destination specific gift boxes that will be just like Hardrock Cafe shot glasses – can’t get them unless you’ve been there, but more on that later. We’ll continue working on the new herb and spice blends for our simple seasonings™ line and we have a few more surprises up our sleeve that you are REALLY going to love!

We wanted to take the opportunity to share all of our hard work to provide you products that are worthy of the support local label and to help bring enjoyment to eating! We also want to express our deepest gratitude for your support over the last year and look forward to many more!