Come on baby light my fire!


I’m a foodie.

It’s spoken with pride, panache, even authority in some cases. More often than not, it’s a self proclaimed titled. Not one bestowed upon us by others, but one we take upon ourselves.

Other times it’s given to us by our friends, family members or even colleagues. You don’t have to work in the food industry to be a foodie. In fact, some times it helps if you don’t. Sometimes, formal education can get in the way. For others, that formal education is what awakens within them what others possess naturally… an acute sense of taste and smell and the ability to combine both of those in a way that brings gastronomic delight to those fortunate enough to be their guinea pigs.

Some foodies will openly acknowledge their ability to concoct delicious dishes if they are capable of such. Others will proclaim loudly that they have absolutely no ability what so ever, but will be able to quickly tell you what’s wrong with the dish you just served them; or sing your praises if it was sufficiently impressive.  (for those foodies reading this who can’t cook a lick…note to self:  we prefer you to sing.)

In approximately 4 weeks a group of 16 foodies from all walks of life will provide you their unique perspectives on everything from rum, to scotch, to herbs, to burritos, to hops, to farming, to bacon. Even a couple of locally popular chefs, and a local member of the American Culinary Federation; people who make food a major part of their lives.

This event is being organized by Ignite Phoenix. The actual event is being called Ignite Food. Imagine 80 minutes of rapid fire discussions on each of the above topics (plus a few more). None of them will be longer than 5 minutes or use more than 20 presentation slides. That’s a lot of information packed into a very short period of time. Then again, that’s what Ignite is all about. Enlightening people…QUICKLY.

Perhaps you’ve been before, perhaps not. Ignite Phoenix #11 which was held in October 2011 sold out. This inaugural event will likely sell out too, and quickly because there are only 600 or so seats available for this event. So share this with all of your foodie friends, self proclaimed or otherwise. It’s an evening and an event that is sure to not only enlighten you, but might even change the way you look at, and think about, some very common foods and food venues!

We’ll look forward to seeing all of you there!  I’ll be one of the guys standing up front telling you all I know about salt in 5 minutes or less.  Oh, and imagining all of you in your underwear so that I don’t feel quite so nervous!