Bacon. Done. Right!

We don’t know how he does it, but the man who holds 12, count them TWELVE mayorships on foursquare was hard at work Thursday night preparing some special bacon for Ignite Food chef sponsor Tracy Dempsey.

Who is this mystery man? None other than the almost, but not quite, and possibly still could be famousZach Garcia. He’ll be sharing five minutes of bacon loving goodness in his stylized delivery of “Makin’ Bacon (at home)”. You probably won’t be purchasing the CD after the show, but you will be able to enjoy more than just his presentation at Ignite food. How so?

Mr. Garcia is working with Chef Dempsey (no stranger at all to delicious bacon-y treats) to bring Bacon Tarts to the sponsors table on Monday, March 19. Chef Dempsey has already graced us bacon lovers with delectables like Bacon Pecan Brittle and The Bacon Breakfast Cookie.

It’s not like she really needed to call it “THE” bacon breakfast cookie, it’s already unique.  But if there were ever a doubt in the future about who holds bragging rights to that little morsel, well all the other attempts will, at best, be “imitation is the greatest form of flattery.”

You won’t want to miss out on this newest treat either, especially when you take into consideration that the primary ingredient will be fresh, homemade bacon cured and smoked by the bacon guru – Mr. Garcia. Furthermore, at the risk of redundancy, said bacon after smoking, will be accentuated by the artful hand of the aforementioned Chef Dempsey and was begun with a dry cure rub from your favorite salt purveyor and crafter of all kinds of natural and organic blends, including this newest “Bacon Curing Blend”.  (I get out of breath just thinking about it…and reading that really long sentence!)

We want to see your faces as your palate confirms the morsels of wisdom shared by Mr. Garcia during his presentation as the tangible reality passes your lips in what we anticipate to be the masterful creation interpreted by Chef Dempsey. We were happy to provide the assist, and we’ll look forward to seeing you there!