More Martini Madness!


Most often, it’s the combination of oblique items that makes the most memorable dishes and drinks.  Today’s new breed of mixologists are proving the truth of this as well.  But, you need not venture out to your favorite swanky watering hole to enjoy an off-the-beaten-path cocktail!

Worst case scenario, you mix a batch of something that didn’t turn out like you expected.  Ok, now what? Throw it away, or drink it.  It probably isn’t the first time you’ve made a batch of trash-can punch.  It’s just that this time you didn’t intend to!

So, here are four more recipes to add to your collection of delicious martini-style cocktails!

FIRST – is the Saketini.  We also refer to it as “The Velvet Hammer” or alternately “Novocaine for the Soul”.  These pair nicely with any asian style dish from Thai to Korean to Chinese to Vietnamese to Japanese. Smooth and sip-able they go down easy and the combined effect of the sake & vodka pack quite a punch and are great for sore muscles, so please be careful and as always, drink in moderation!  (you’ll notice in the picture below we’ve played with variations on the theme here)

What you’ll need:

4 parts vodka (we prefer Russian Standard)

4 parts unfiltered Nigori sake (Sho Chiku Bai Nigori works great)

5 parts Real Taste Nirvana coconut water (this is non-negotiable, not all coconut waters are equal)

2 oz. – go lb. salt Saketini rim·licks™

Mix all liquid in shaker over ice.  Rim martini glass with Saketini rim·licks™.  Enjoy!


SECOND – is the Sapphidere Dream.  This is a great blend of herb & organic sugar muddled together like a mojito but not mixed with anything other than Gin & Vodka.  The name of this drink also makes clear the brand of gin and vodka to be used – Bombay Sapphire and Belvedere.  Sweet & herbaceous, plan on serving these with an homage to fromage and charcuterie plate!  Sage, fennel and oregano also work nicely here.

What you’ll need: 

4 parts gin

4 parts vodka

3 fresh Blue Spice basil leaves (per serving)

1 tsp. sugar·licious™ Blueberry sugar (per serving)

In your favorite cocktail shaker, muddle basil and sugar together.  Add room temperature vodka and gin to muddled blend and stir.  This will allow the sugar to dissolve.  Add ice and shake vigorously to chill.  Pour and serve, no need to strain.  Enjoy!


THIRD - is the Orange Julius. (shown at top of page)  You might remember those frothy smooth citrus-y fresh squeezed juice drinks you could find at almost any mall in America…and you still can in some parts of the world.  These delicious drinks are so smooth they are VERY dangerous.  Think teenager standing next to the spiked punchbowl dangerous.  They go down so easy you won’t notice the alcohol, so, sip lightly please!

What you’ll need:

5 parts fresh squeezed Satsuma juice (tangelos, then clementines are great substitutes)

5 parts vodka

1 part spiced rum (we prefer Sailor Jerry)

Mix all ingredients over ice in your favorite shaker.  Shake vigorously, pour & serve.  Enjoy!


FOURTH – we present the Herbed Martini.  This last offering qualifies as a true and classic martini; it’s a gin only drink.  The only other additive is fresh, palm bruised herbs.  Depending on the herb of choice, these go great with pork chops, Italian dishes, even Greek or Mediterranean style meals.  Experiment and ignore what your mother told you about playing with your food!

What you’ll need:

3 oz. gin (chilled in the freezer first)

1 sprig rosemary

Pour gin into your favorite shaker over ice and agitate VIGOROUSLY!  (This drink likes the frozen crystals that are suspended in the gin when you do this.)  Take rosemary sprig and roughly roll it between the palms of both hands while doing so over a martini glass.  Roll it back and forth two or three times under medium pressure.  Parts of the rosemary sprig will fall into the glass.  Drop the rest of the bruised sprig into the glass and pour the chilled gin over the rosemary.  The oils released from the rosemary will both float on the surface and be suspended in the gin because of the extremely cold temperature.  Serve and enjoy!

FIFTH – well we won’t be discussing fifth’s here.  We recommend purchasing in larger quantities because you are going to want to keep some good gin and vodka on hand for making these and the many more martinis’ you’ll now want to enjoy on a regular basis!  Mixing cocktails really isn’t difficult and drinking them is even easier.  So, keep a few fresh ingredients on hand including ginger, rosemary, dill, citrus for juicing, cucumbers, you name it – and have some fun!

Next up we’ll present a few of our favorite dessert martinis!