Celiac Awareness Month – Dualing Frittata’s


Imagine having a food allergy so serious that every time you ate what you weren’t supposed to it made you sick. You are imagining the life of a celiac. That’s someone who is allergic to gluten for those of you who don’t know. No bread, no beer, no pasta, nothing with wheat flour – NOTHING!

But what if they decide to ignore the allergy and enjoy a slice of that delicious pepperoni pizza? It’s not like it will kill them right? Not in the short-term.

Death by malnutrition is what happens to celiac’s who ignore their condition. What they enjoy in the meantime are things like – hives all over your body, intestinal distress, migraine headaches, etc. Just like how you feel when you get food poisoning right? Kinda, but worse. You also get a case of the klutzies. No, it’s not a clinical diagnosis per se, but it happens. The tripping, the stumbling, the fumbling. All little things that most of us would chalk up to just being…well… a klutz.

But it’s really more than that, because this particular food allergy also kills brain cells when you eat what you aren’t supposed to. Yeah that’s right, you get a little bit dumber each time you eat gluten. Seriously.

Start asking around, you probably know more celiac’s or gluten intolerant people than you realize. Truth be told, it can make dinner parties somewhat difficult. Who are we kidding, it can make life difficult. Lot’s more preparation is required. More diligence reading ingredients lists on everything you want to eat. More time shopping. You get the idea.

Many celiac’s when first switching over to a gluten-free diet find food less satisfying tasteless much less enjoyable. It’s an adjustment. But for the sake of longevity it must be made. So today, to make life a bit easier we share our basic frittata recipe (gluten-free of course) with optional things you can add to them and we remind everyone that, celiac or not, a little salt and pepper go a long way to making food taste much better!

These are also great for trying our Black Truffle Salt and are delicious with FACON™ sprinkled on top!

Just sayin’!


Basic Frittata

12 eggs

1/4 cup cheese – your choice (think Gruyère, feta, Asiago, swiss)

3 Tbsp butter

3 Tbsp half & half (you can omit if you prefer or use water instead)

3/4 tsp cream of tartar

sea salt (we recommend Applewood Smoked or Sel Gris de Guerande)

pepper (try some of our white peppercorns)


sautéed mushrooms


green beans

caramelized red onions



prosciutto (we used smoked prosciutto in one of the frittatas shown above!)




any other leftovers you can find that might be great with eggs!



Adjust oven rack so that one is directly centered. Turn oven broiler ON. (use HIGH setting) If no broiler, you can set the oven to 375° F.

In an ovenproof 12” pan heat butter on medium high and sauteé all uncooked ingredients. Once all are finished cooking, add any cooked ingredients to warm thoroughly.

Place eggs in blender (or whisk if you prefer – we find a blender produces a better result) along with Cream of Tartar and water or half and half. Blend on HIGH for 30 seconds, no more.

Once all ingredients are cooked and thoroughly warmed, pour blended eggs into pan. Sprinkle cheese into pan. Scrape bottom of pan for about 2 minutes, then reduce heat to medium low.

Let underside set for another 2 minutes, then transfer pan to oven on center rack under broiler.

Watch carefully as frittata will brown on top. Total time in oven will be approximately 8-12 minutes if broiling and 15-20 minutes if baking. (depending on thickness of your frittata and type of pan – we prefer cast iron)

Remove from oven and let center finish cooking for approximately 5 minutes.