Express Yourself – Raise ‘Salt Awareness’!


The first ones were yellow thanks to Mr. Armstrong – Lance, not Neil. Some of the most popular and commonplace are in support of cancer. You see them on people of all ages and walks of life. LIVESTRONG is a well-known motto, but what about the phrase “happiness is just a lick away”? Have you ever seen a silicone bracelet used to raise ‘Salt Awareness’? Neither have we, so just like our rim·licks™, FACON™, truffiere project and all the other really cool, unique things we do here at go lb. salt, we thought we’d start another new thing.

If you’ve visited us at any of the local farmer’s markets we serve, or seen our Ignite Food presentation, you know we are passionate about using unrefined sea salt. We share our love of and knowledge about salt, educating everyone willing to learn about the differences and benefits. You will often hear a visitor to our booth comment on the fact that they “never realized there were so many different salts” after looking at just the ten or so we bring to the markets. When we tell them that there are actually more than 130 different salts crafted around the world that usually ratchets up the interest level another notch or three.

Because of all that we have learned, know and share about salt, we feel VERY strongly that refined kosher salt & table salt have no place in ANY kitchen! We’ve referred to those as lab grade rather than food grade – publicly. And, we know that there are A LOT of chefs and professionals in the food service industry who may balk at that statement, but when you get down to it, the cost increase for unrefined sea salt versus kosher salt is still pennies per plate. The improvement in the flavor profile. . . is best described by the MasterCard campaign – “priceless”.

For those of you who have made the switch, you know. There’s no turning back and no desire to. Food tastes soooo much better and the unrefined sea salt is easier on your body. So why aren’t more people familiar with the benefits? Why aren’t more people talking about it? Because there aren’t enough people telling them. How do you start a discussion about salting your food?

We thought we’d make it easier for everyone! Now you can style one of our ‘Salt Awareness’ bracelets in all their glow-in-the-dark green coolness. It’s a unique accessory for two reasons. First, how many people are promoting salt awareness? Second, what other cause is using glow-in-the-dark green? NONE – on both counts!

And, if that wasn’t enough, the bracelet can make one more statement for you depending on which way you wear it. Conveniently printed on one side of the bracelet is our motto “happiness is just a lick away!” On the other side is our logo ‘go lb. salt’!

The green is also symbolic of our entire approach – eco-friendly, environmentally responsible and sustainable.  Silicone – eco-friendly?  Yes!  Silicone is an organic compound that is low in toxic and chemical reactivity and does not contaminate water systems even if it is accidentally thrown there because it repels water. The silicone has the properties such as resistance to UV light, oxygen and ozone and due to these properties has been used in manufacturing of awareness bracelets.

What could be more green than that?  Well, your friends who will see you wearing it will be green with envy, but that’s easily remedied! Order yours online or pick one up the next time you see us at the market – it’s time more people become aware of the benefits of unrefined sea salt!