The Dog Days of Summer


4:15 AM

That’s the time our alarm goes off every Saturday morning. Mind you, we don’t usually get up that early – nor do we want to. But every week we make an exception for the good folks who come to support the Gilbert Farmers Market.

During the “dog days of summer” it’s uncomfortably hot, humid and just plain miserable. The “dog days of summer” typically run from July 3 – August 11 in the Northern Hemisphere. They are the hottest and most sultry (not in a good way) days of summer and we’ve had our share of those this year.

We’ve also had our share of heat stroke and dehydration (along with the vomiting) despite our best efforts to avoid getting sick. That means lots of salt intake including magnesium salts, potassium salts AND sodium salts to help keep the electrolytes balanced. (It also explains why we wear those funny looking neck collars – they actually help us stay cooler!)

So why do we do it?

Because, every week many of you come back and tell us how much you enjoy what you picked up on your previous visit. Or, someone comes by to sample our wares because one of their friends (maybe that’s you) introduced them to our “incredible products”.

Sometimes people even take the time to put their appreciation in writing, and THAT is a tremendous honor and encouragement. One example came this last Saturday after a particularly muggy and grueling day. In terms of sales, it was our worst day at the market this year.

But all of that was soon put into perspective when we received Twitter and Facebook notification that a customer had featured us in his blog. The lump immediately goes to your throat because you never know what “featured” means, it could be bad right? But not to worry, Mark Scott (along with his wife & daughter) are Gilbert Farmers Market regulars and great customers. Mark and his wife are what we fondly refer to as “peppaheads” – they love good pepper heat.  (That definitely explains why they enjoyed our green peppercorns so much.)  More notably, Mark took time out of his busy day to express appreciation for the attention he received. His daughter Alysa also shared words of appreciation on her blog back in March.

So, why do we do it? The basic answer is that we suffer through the miserable summer weather because, like everyone else, we have bills to pay and this is our livelihood. We are greatly appreciative for each and every one of you who spend your hard-earned dollars with us. We aren’t perfect and we have bad days like everyone else, but we’ll do our best to be proper custodians of the trust you’ve placed in us.

Interestingly enough, our circumstances are also somewhat unique in that we have the privilege of being able to work at something we truly enjoy. Better than that, we get to share what we enjoy with others and watch that joy spread. . . infectiously! Best of all, we get the opportunity to see, hear and read how much others enjoy it too!

Thanks for the kind words Mark, they made our day!