Lemonade & lemon·AID rim·licks™

We briefly interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you another new product announcement!

Earlier this month we offered our simple and delicious fresh-squeezed lemonade recipe with the promise of some uniquely crafted drink rimmers to help kick that lemonade up another notch. Today we deliver on that promise!

We are pleased to announce the addition of FOUR new rim·licks™ created with lemonade in mind, but we’ve already begun using them on other drinks as well!  (think iced tea!)  We selected lemon·AID because they really do help make lemonade better!  They make a great way to give the kids an adult-looking beverage as well as offer something unique at your next party for anyone who doesn’t drink alcoholic or caffeinated beverages.

What are these four new flavors?

Citrus Splash - A delicious blend of lemon, lime and orange sugars.  Subtle, sweet and gently citrus-y!

Berry Berry Good – This blend of blueberry, raspberry and strawberry allows each berry flavor to shine through and the combination really offers a unique twist to your lemonade.

Unpucker – Our departure from the basic begins here with this lemon and ginger blend.  This combination accentuates the initial pucker impression, but that tartness quickly disappears and you are left with a much softer mouthfeel.  It feels more like a refreshing glass of ice-cold water on the palate.  Absolutely incredible, you gotta taste this one to really appreciate it.

Summer’s Kiss - Aptly named because you never forget those stolen summer kisses that make your heart race and capture moments in time.  You’ll remember this rimmer too!  An unbelievable combination of lime, raspberry and mint. . . throw all caution to the wind.  Relax, unwind and feel the cool evening breeze on your face as you sit back and enjoy Summer’s Kiss.

Break out the citrus juicer and check out our lemonade recipe.  Then, come grab some of our lemon·AID rim·licks™ online or catch us at one of our markets!