New Product Release – simple seasonings™ – BBQ Rub





No matter how you say it or spell it, the idea, meaning, tools and flavors are universal. Gas, wood or charcoal fire cooked meats, fruits and veggies are the basics. A complex, smoky flavor profile with herb and spice notes, and mild (or not so mild) heat, perfectly balanced with a touch of sweetness – this is how you might describe the taste that is barbeque. But, nothing sounds as good as barbecue tastes. If the flavor lingers long after you are done eating, then THAT qualifies as great barbecue.

We’ve been chasing that flavor profile for a while now. We wanted to create a BBQ rub that reproduced the deliciously complex, richly smoky and wonderfully spicy flavor that immediately makes us salivate when we hear the word barbecue. It’s been 9 long months in the test kitchen, with little to show for our efforts. But last week, like most product development schedules, we saw a breakthrough after months of disappointment.

The verdict? We did it!!! We have finally produced our simple seasonings™ – BBQ Rub. After taste testing it with some of our fine patrons at a local farmers market, we were able to confirm what we already suspected – we may have actually outdone ourselves this time!

Better still, it’s now available in the web store and at our various market locations, just in time for your Labor Day weekend barbeque. If you are looking for a great chemical free, gluten-free BBQ seasoning blend, look no further this is sure to become your new favorite. What’s more, we know the vegan crowd among us will also enjoy this new blend – on dinner rolls, kale chips and grilled eggplant or zucchini.

This blend is more than 60% organic with the remaining ingredients certified ‘all natural’. No refined salts or sugars, no ‘natural flavors’, or soy lecithin either! Use this blend with confidence the next time you want to wow your family or friends with the authentic taste of barbeque.  Go big with a thick coating if you want to use it as a rub, or lightly salt what you are cooking and then use this delicious blend sprinkled on as a finishing seasoning!

Remember, when you use go lb. salt products, “happiness is just a lick away!”