Cooking with Saltware™ – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

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Chicken is one of the most commonly cooked dinner proteins and chicken recipes are most sought in web searches.  It’s rare to see new and unique approaches to a simple chicken dinner without making the entire process overly complex.

Two weeks ago we introduced an alternate salting method with our Brining (How To: Chicken) recipe.  This week we take the salting of chicken a different direction – the use of a Himalayan Saltware™ salt block.

The concept for cooking on the salt block is this:  All food gives off a certain amount of moisture when cooked.  The moisture that comes off the food will dissolve a specific amount of salt from the block when cooking.  How much salt depends on the temperature of the block when cooking.

Keep the block at 450° F – 550° F and the amount of salt dissolved with be perfect for the food being cooked . . . EVERY TIME!  If you are worried about your food being too salty, brush the block with a bit of oil (olive, sesame or avocado) to create a barrier to slow the salt absorption.

It may seem scary, but the process is simple.  Heat the block to at least 450° F and cook your chicken as though it were in a cast iron skillet or on a flat top griddle.  Throw a few fresh herbs or some of our spicerageous! herb and spice blend or even our new BBQ seasoning.  Throw some citrus zest in the mix and you have an absolutely delightful dinner that was literally as simple as grilling it, and if you don’t have an oven, you can accomplish the same thing on your stove top (gas or electric) or in your oven!

We also included a fruit and a two vegetables in this video recipe to help make your meal planning even easier!  So, off to the grocery store you go with your list in hand:

Chicken – check!

Cauliflower – check!

Tomatoes – check!

Peaches – check!

Himalayan Saltware™ – order your block online

Don’t forget to pick up a seat belt for your taste buds, chicken dinner won’t be the same after this!