No Salt Week??? No Thank You!!!


There are a little more than 604,000 seconds in a week.  We patiently waited for each and every one of them to pass.  It was our way of observing a moment of silence. . . for the ridiculous notion that the culinary world should go WITHOUT salt for a whole week!

It’s more than a shame, it’s a travesty.  There are still people who believe the world would be a better place without salt.  What’s more they’ve done more than simply rationalize the concept, they’ve gotten buy-in from others – A LOT of others.  Many have been brow beaten into believing that a healthier lifestyle can be achieved by cutting salt out of your diet.

Shame on the fear mongers who relish using half-truths to rob the rest of us of the benefit of great tasting meals.  In true Mogambo Guru fashion this group of culinary dissidents has made us suspicious.  They probably work as secret agents for the NSC (No Salt Coalition) and the big corporations behind the NSC like Mrs. Dash.  Unfortunately the folks at Mrs. Dash are so deluded they have taken to using the following tag line:  “So much flavor there’s no room for salt.”  That quite frankly is just not possible because for those who truly know food and culinary technique, salt is what enhances flavor!

We can’t imagine that Mrs. Dash is making any friends with the ‘beans, bullets and band-aids’ group of preppers – known to frequent sites like Survival Blog – that touts the need to stockpile salt.  The more paranoid among them might even suggest that it’s all part of a greater conspiracy to keep the sheeple leading the sheeple in preparation for the coming Zombie Apocalypse.

What’s even more disturbing is that many of the bastions of culinary knowledge, the very people who should appreciate the value of salt simply don’t.  Ask any chef you know – go to your favorite dining establishment and ask the Executive or Sous chef what their favorite ingredient is.  We are almost certain that salt will not be the answer you hear.

There are a few exceptions.  Chef Michael Symon of Iron Chef America fame is a HUGE proponent of using salt when you cook.  Then again, he is an Iron Chef.  You would expect someone of his caliber to appreciate the value of something as simple as salt.

Personally, we will rage, rage, rage against the dying of the light.  No, we aren’t going to force salt on anyone, especially not those who for legitimate health reasons need to limit their consumption.  But when it comes to promoting the benefits of a salt free world, we will not go quietly into that good night!

We believe that every cook whether amateur or professional should become acquainted with at least a small percentage of the vast array of unrefined sea salts available to them.  What’s more, we believe that they should keep a few of their favorites on hand – within reach even!

To make that goal more easily attainable, we introduce today our newest salt-cellar – the Space Saver – a 3-in-1 cellar if you will.  (pictured above)  Keep this handy cellar near the stove or cooktop and keep it at least partly full of three different but unique sea salts and we promise you food will begin to taste better!

So, next time you cross paths with a rabid, card-carrying member of the NSC you can breathe a bit easier knowing you have a decent supply of good quality, unrefined sea salt at home.  Dylan Thomas may have been directly commenting on the reality that very little separates life from death, but for today, on the heals of No Salt Week, we ask you to consider his words while focusing on the cold hard reality that very little separates great tasting food from mediocre food – except salt.