Stop Making Resolutions; BE Resolute.


It’s one week into the new year, what do you have to say for yourself? Fell off the wagon already? It’s OK, pick yourself up and keep going.

The new year always brings resolutions. Most of them are broken within days, if not weeks. The primary problem with resolutions is that they require being resolute – purposeful, determined and unwavering.

Let’s be honest here. If we were truly resolute, we wouldn’t make the same resolutions year after year. Self-improvement would be just that, improvement. Sometimes we confuse self-improvement with self-awareness. However, self-awareness only requires honest observation while self-improvement requires us to act on the things we learn through self-awareness.

I’m aware that I need to eat. I’m aware that I like to eat. I’m aware that I’m a sucker for comfort foods. So, when looking for comfort foods, I go for simple, quick and tasty. What most of us aren’t aware of is the fact that comfort food doesn’t automatically mean food that’s bad for you. Comfort food doesn’t have to come from a box, bag or can. Raising awareness provides the basis for bringing the improvements we want so badly.

Consider the difference between blue box mac and cheese as opposed to one made from scratch at home from the roux up. If you choose made from scratch at home you can most certainly make it chemical-free, and if you are so inclined, gluten-free too. You most definitely don’t get those options from a blue box mac and cheese!

There are those who would argue that we as individual’s are not dogs such that we need to be plied with food. However, unlike dogs, we have the capacity to differentiate between the offerings placed before us. Not simply differentiate, but even discuss those differences.

We know the difference between “good” food and “bad” food. We also know that sometimes bad food tastes better than good food. But what most of us don’t know is that’s usually because of the way good food has been prepared. Without chemical additives, most bad food wouldn’t taste good. Candidly without proper preparation and seasoning most “good” food doesn’t taste nearly as good.

We believe strongly in the precept that if you make food taste better, you will eat better. So, start with the basics. Don’t jump into the deep end and go crazy vegan juice dieting, or consuming Jethro-sized bowls of leafy greens and veggies to lose the weight. If you aren’t used to such a healthy diet, nothing will drive you back to bad food more quickly.

Instead, take simple comfort foods and learn to make them at home. You need not become Julia Child or August Escoffier.  You also don’t need to worry about reducing fats (at least not immediately), start sensibly, start by taking the things out of your diet you were never meant to eat – chemicals, additives and preservatives, refined and processed foods (including refined salt, sugar and flour). Make healthier meals simply by using fresh ingredients even fresh cream and butter are good for you.  (And, would you please stop using table salt and kosher salt?  Thank you!)

Our potato leek soup recipe is just one example. Our poor man’s beef stroganoff is another.  (recipe coming soon)  It’s easy on the budget and it’s quick and easy to make. What more could you ask for? Oh, yeah…it tastes good too!! (Purposeful, determined, unwavering; remember, you’re not changing how the world eats, just how you eat.)  Looking for more ideas?

Next time you need to eat a meal in a hurry, be resolute – choose to make something simple and fresh like beef stroganoff instead of hitting the drive-thru for the Big Mac or the BK Double Stacker; or the potato leek soup instead of the Whopper or Quarter Pounder. You could even add some brussels sprouts to your diet and it wouldn’t kill you.

Your body will thank you and next year you won’t be making the same resolutions!