Salt Smitten – Join us for dinner!


salt smitten - a tastefully provocative affair


Salt.  That single word usually evokes a visceral response.  And it should!

Love it or hate it, friend or foe, salt is (or at least should be) an integral part of your diet.  If you’ve gained nothing else from your brief sojourn here with us take that single, salient detail with you.

Oh yeah, don’t use the refined stuff either.  It’s bad for you.  Seriously.

Learn to properly pair unrefined salts with their best suited foods and you’ll develop a killer repertoire of dishes that will rival (in flavor) any culinary master in the world.  It really is as simple as accepting the fact that salt is the key to unlocking flavor.

We’ve brought you the products (in our store & at farmers markets), offered the classes (chitchen kemistry – food university), even shown you what we eat at home if you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Now, we’re offering you the opportunity to enjoy the experience firsthand (and bring your friends if you like)!

Salt Smitten’ is a historic and equally memorable, first ever, salt-centric dinner event!  Save the date and spend the night with us enjoying what will most definitely be ‘a tastefully provocative affair.’

We’ve crafted six courses around a salt or salts to exemplify the flavor that can be created when preserving, curing, cooking and baking with unrefined sea salts from around the world.  Imagine 60 day dry-aged beef tartare, house-cured guanciale for our take on carbonara and a salt-cured and smoked tuna loin for our niçoise salad.

Three more courses await you and one of those is a double dessert course using at least five of the seven salts our five dinner courses are being crafted around – all with the respectful restraint you’d expect for such a premium ingredient!

What’s more, we’ll offer an optional cocktail flight with each creation crafted around a specific salt, to be paired with dinner, if you so desire!  We’ll also be removing the salt and pepper shakers from the table (not like the Boston Market debacle) and no refined salt will be used in the preparation of this meal.

Come join us and our co-host Gertrude’s at the Desert Botanical Garden along with our collaborator Executive Chef Stephen Eldridge.  We promise you’ll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your first salt-centric experience as you let yourself be taken with a grain of salt!

(If you can’t make it to dinner, feel free to follow Salt Smitten on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as pre-dinner preparation and the actual dinner unfold.)