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NEW PRODUCT RELEASES – Sriracha Flake Salt & FACON Sriracha Seasoning

  Sriracha. It’s a name we’ve come to know… and love – but most of us cannot correctly pronounce it.  So, let’s clear that up first.  See-rah-chah.  The first ‘r’ is silent.  Need more help?  Check out this quick video example that includes the founder… Continue reading

New Product Release – BRING HOME THE BACON

The average American consumes about 18 pounds of bacon a year.  That means that more than 5.5 BILLION pounds of bacon are sold in the US alone.  How are we collectively able to accomplish such a feat? Consider these current facts: more than 62% of… Continue reading

Thinking about – Our Third Year!

  A recent Shark Tank sound bite offered Kevin O’leary aka Mr. Wonderful’s business perspective that ‘a business that isn’t profitable by it’s third year is just a hobby.’  Recent news of Google’s purchase of Nest Labs shows that you can make a sizeable profit in… Continue reading

Mac & Cheese Throwdown 2013 – #MNCT2013

On November 17, 2013, ten Phoenix chefs came together to deliver their individual visions of a great mac & cheese.  These offerings were shared with a sold out crowd that had already quickly purchased double the available tickets tendered for last years throw down.  That’s… Continue reading

Salt Smitten – Chow Bella – Sept 6, 2013

“Salt Smitten” Dinner Series: Go lb. Salts Teams Up With Chef Stephen Eldridge of Gertrude’s

Salt Smitten – Join us for dinner!

    Salt.  That single word usually evokes a visceral response.  And it should! Love it or hate it, friend or foe, salt is (or at least should be) an integral part of your diet.  If you’ve gained nothing else from your brief sojourn here… Continue reading

go lb. salt featured in – 202 Magazine (August 2013)

The following is the article as it appeared in the August 2013 issue of 202 Magazine. (Links will be made available once the issue appears online.)    

Fajitas – Sonoran Living Live – July 31, 2013

It was again our pleasure to share three, five-minute segments with the ABC 15 viewing audience on the morning of Friday, July 31, 2013.  Below are each of the clips in order exactly as they appeared.  The recipes are also included below! Part 1 (Why skirt… Continue reading

New Product Release – simple seasonings™ fajita

(photo courtesy of the Sonny Falcon family) Nose-to-tail cookery has been around since the very first animal was butchered.  The last thing anyone wanted to do was waste precious protein. Few understood this better than the vaqueros of North America.  These horsemen were also cattle… Continue reading

BACON UNWRAPPED – DIY Bacon with GO LB. SALT (June 30, 2013)

Heather Lauer, the undisputed queen of bacon, and best-selling author of the book ‘Bacon: A Love Story’ is an awesome customer of ours and was kind enough to show us and our Rub Yer Belly™ cures a little love on her blog! DIY BACON WITH… Continue reading