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Chitchen Kemistry – Release Your Inner Gastronome!

  Gastronomy. It’s a word not frequently used, though we think it should be! The word itself first appeared in the title of a poem written by French attorney Joseph Berchoux in 1801. The original suffix root of the word (nomy) derives from the Greek… Continue reading

Thinking about – Our Second Year!

  January 20th. It may not mean much to you, but it’s a big deal for us.  It’s go lb. salt’s second anniversary! You can get a recap of our first year if you need a refresher, but this post is all about our second… Continue reading

Chow Bella – Gift Guide for the Food Geek (November 30, 2012)

  Gift Guide for the Food Geek

New Product Release – Pore Essentials™ Skin Scrubs

Skin care. It’s not as easy as it sounds, right? After all, there’s more to consider than just the question of “Normal, oily or dry?”  There are a whole host of other conditions and maladies too. . . Sun damage, laugh lines, acne, wrinkles, scarring,… Continue reading

No Salt Week??? No Thank You!!!

  There are a little more than 604,000 seconds in a week.  We patiently waited for each and every one of them to pass.  It was our way of observing a moment of silence. . . for the ridiculous notion that the culinary world should… Continue reading

Do It Yourself Bacon – For Beginners (and everyone else!)

  As any accomplished home chef will tell you, there are usually a few things they are reluctant to tackle.  Among them?  Typically, meat curing. Ruhlman and Polcyn have devoted an entire book to the subject and we’ve been known to wax poetic about the… Continue reading

New Product Release – Rub Yer Belly – Bacon Cures

Warning:  Consuming bacon made with Rub Yer Belly cures may cause nausea when making any future attempts to buy cheap store-bought bacon.  Dizziness, light-headedness, tingling in the extremities, irritability (when asked to share) and temporary insanity may also occur.  It’s so good you’ll fairly swoon, experience… Continue reading

New Product Release – simple seasonings™ – BBQ Rub

  BBQ. Barbecue. Barbeque. No matter how you say it or spell it, the idea, meaning, tools and flavors are universal. Gas, wood or charcoal fire cooked meats, fruits and veggies are the basics. A complex, smoky flavor profile with herb and spice notes, and… Continue reading

Makin’ Bacon? – Here’s How & Yes You Can!

  There are those who will suggest that society’s love affair with bacon and the baconalia movement in general have gone too far. From bacon toothpaste to bacon sundaes, you can get a bacon flavored just-about-anything these days. We’ve even contributed (happily) to the madness… Continue reading

Lemonade & lemon·AID rim·licks™

We briefly interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you another new product announcement! Earlier this month we offered our simple and delicious fresh-squeezed lemonade recipe with the promise of some uniquely crafted drink rimmers to help kick that lemonade up another notch. Today we… Continue reading