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Salt & Wine – Pairing is Caring!

    Oenophile. Are you one?  Should you be one?  Do you know what one is? You don’t need to be one to know that you enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner – or any meal for that matter.  On the other hand… Continue reading

The Oceans Bounty – Meet The Gourmand & Three New Sea Salts

  It’s a shame really. Most of us eat three meals a day. Many of those are consumed on the run – or at least with a time constraint in mind. We’re happy (and sometimes even prefer) to have someone cook for us. Maybe we… Continue reading

Chow Bella – Five Tasty Father’s Day Gifts for Your Chef-Dad (June11, 2012)

Five Tasty Father’s Day Gifts for Your Chef-Dad

New Product Release – Vanilla Bean Sugar

  It wasn’t until the early 1500’s that the world’s second most expensive spice was introduced to Europe. History credits Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés with the distinction of bringing it from the Mesoamerican world. Like those before him, he too stole it as part of… Continue reading

Express Yourself – Raise ‘Salt Awareness’!

  The first ones were yellow thanks to Mr. Armstrong – Lance, not Neil. Some of the most popular and commonplace are in support of cancer. You see them on people of all ages and walks of life. LIVESTRONG is a well-known motto, but what… Continue reading

Palate Press – Wine & Salt Collaboration (May 7, 2012)

  You Just Opened A What?  Cooking Tips to Make Food More Wine-Friendly.

Crowdfunding – Make A Difference!

  (re-posted from – a truffiere project reminder) When we dare to dream as children we are often told that ‘nothing is impossible’. If we are to make a success of life, we must turn that statement around – ‘impossible is nothing’. Impossible becomes… Continue reading

Dine Out Phoenix – First Ever “Ignite Food” Rocks the Local Food Scene (March 23, 2012)

First Ever “Ignite Food” Rocks the Local Food Scene

Ignite Food – First. Ever. Anywhere.

So the big night has come and gone.  The ‘buzz’ is wearing off.  And the “buzz” is just beginning.  Mr. Moriarty, Chris Lee and the Phoenix Ignite crew have outdone themselves and in the process, really raised the bar for future events…both Ignite Phoenix and… Continue reading

inspiredRD – Fun at the Farmers Market (March 18, 2012)

Fun at the Farmers Market