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bacon, Bacon, BACON Recipes! (Sonoran Living Live – August 8, 2014)

A special thanks to Sonoran Living Live for featuring our premium Bring Home The Bacon! Part 1 (Shrimp & Cream Cheese Stuffed, Bacon Wrapped, Jalapeno Poppers – w/ Maple Applewood Bacon)   Part 2 (Summertime Pasta alla Carbonara – w/ Black Truffle Bacon)   Part… Continue reading

go lb. salt featured in – 202 Magazine (August 2013)

The following is the article as it appeared in the August 2013 issue of 202 Magazine. (Links will be made available once the issue appears online.) – Killer Corned Beef Kit Release Announcement

Local Salt Company Launches Killer Corned Beef Kit: Create Sandwiches You’ll be Dying to Share!

go lb. salt featured in – go gilbert! (June 2013)

Many thanks to Susan Lanier-Graham for a this piece! (for full-sized .pdf excerpt click here: go gilbert! – june 2013)  (for complete online magazine click here:  

Thinking about – Our Second Year!

  January 20th. It may not mean much to you, but it’s a big deal for us.  It’s go lb. salt’s second anniversary! You can get a recap of our first year if you need a refresher, but this post is all about our second… Continue reading

The Dog Days of Summer

  4:15 AM That’s the time our alarm goes off every Saturday morning. Mind you, we don’t usually get up that early – nor do we want to. But every week we make an exception for the good folks who come to support the Gilbert… Continue reading

The Oceans Bounty – Meet The Gourmand & Three New Sea Salts

  It’s a shame really. Most of us eat three meals a day. Many of those are consumed on the run – or at least with a time constraint in mind. We’re happy (and sometimes even prefer) to have someone cook for us. Maybe we… Continue reading

Farmer’s Markets – The salt of the earth?

  Preservation.  Of Community.  Of the Environment.  Of Land.  Of Food. You might have more in common with salt than you think! Salt’s original and primary purpose was for the preservation of food. Modern canning techniques, Louis Pasteur, Ball and Mason were not only unheard… Continue reading

Artisan Bread – Chew on that!

  Flour, water & salt – these are the basic ingredients for bread.  Though, most breads are also leavened and so we can add yeast to the list. From these 4 ingredients come a veritable cornucopia of deliciousness.  Even the gluten intolerant are able to enjoy non-gluten… Continue reading

Squeeze Me! – Blood Orange Chicken

  Knock! Knock! Who’s there? Banana   Knock! Knock! Who’s there? Banana   Knock Knock! Who’s there? Orange you glad I didn’t say banana again? (Yes, we know… it’s a terrible joke. But it got your attention, and that was the idea!) Arizona is home… Continue reading