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Thinking about – Our Third Year!

  A recent Shark Tank sound bite offered Kevin O’leary aka Mr. Wonderful’s business perspective that ‘a business that isn’t profitable by it’s third year is just a hobby.’  Recent news of Google’s purchase of Nest Labs shows that you can make a sizeable profit in… Continue reading

go lb. salt featured in – 202 Magazine (August 2013)

The following is the article as it appeared in the August 2013 issue of 202 Magazine. (Links will be made available once the issue appears online.)    

New Product Release – ‘Killer’ Corned Beef Kit (or pastrami)!

  The Great Irish Potato Famine saw about 1 million people emigrate from Ireland.  Nearly one-third of those immigrants was entirely dependent on the potato for food.  The majority of the Irish, had more than a century early become tenant farmers.  Driven off their land… Continue reading – Killer Corned Beef Kit Release Announcement

Local Salt Company Launches Killer Corned Beef Kit: Create Sandwiches You’ll be Dying to Share!