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NEW PRODUCT RELEASES – Sriracha Flake Salt & FACON Sriracha Seasoning

  Sriracha. It’s a name we’ve come to know… and love – but most of us cannot correctly pronounce it.  So, let’s clear that up first.  See-rah-chah.  The first ‘r’ is silent.  Need more help?  Check out this quick video example that includes the founder… Continue reading

Homemade Ice Cream w/ AZ Bitters Lab

  You might remember our earlier recipe post for vanilla ice cream that shared some of the secrets to great, simple homemade ice cream, including the addition of bitters and booze.  For the sake of clarity and convenience we’ve split that post into two parts… Continue reading

Bacon Sriracha Popcorn – Homemade & Healthy

  Have you ever noticed how difficult it can be to find great tasting healthy snacks that don’t require a lot of prep and cook time? And if you want a healthy snack that can still make you feel like you’re eating sinful junk food… Continue reading

Makin’ Bacon? – Here’s How & Yes You Can!

  There are those who will suggest that society’s love affair with bacon and the baconalia movement in general have gone too far. From bacon toothpaste to bacon sundaes, you can get a bacon flavored just-about-anything these days. We’ve even contributed (happily) to the madness… Continue reading

Gluten-free Green Chile Corn Fritters – Simple. Quick. Easy.

  In the words of Jeffery Steingarten, author of the best-selling books The Man Who Ate Everything and It Must Have Been Something I Ate – “if you fry anything and put it on a plate it’s better!” While we aren’t sure that we agree… Continue reading

Bacon Milkshake – Done Right!

  The late 1800’s saw life reaching the pinnacle of greatness. There was almost nothing that mankind thought they couldn’t achieve. Utopia seemed to be on the horizon. It’s easy to understand why so many felt that way – the word “milkshake” was used in… Continue reading

Best (and Easiest) Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

  Thirty years or more ago, a typical weekend summer evening (especially Memorial Day weekend) might have included sitting on the porch cranking the ice cream churn, slowly adding salt to melt the ice.  If there was more than one kid in the family, each… Continue reading

Bacon Lettuce & Tomato – Heavy on the Bacon!

  Pigs get a bad rap.  Really. When we see someone eating more than what we think is their fair share, what do we call them?  A pig. Is that fair to the pig.  Probably not.  Unlike cows, pigs don’t over eat. Maybe we should… Continue reading

Thinking about – Best Intentions. Good Motivation.

  It’s the same thing, year after year. Most new year’s resolutions last not even a nano second beyond, “Oh, I said that?” But maybe you wrote your’s down, as though somehow seeing it on paper will make us more accountable. Maybe you coerced a friend,… Continue reading

Rare Breed French Toast

  Monday morning. Ugh. The weekend is over. It’s back to the grind – off to work, or get the kids to school. Fight traffic, encounter grumpy rude people and try to rely on the memories of less stressful weekend mornings gone by to get… Continue reading