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Homemade Spiced Cider – The Taste of Fall in a Mug

  The autumnal equinox has passed and the sun began setting earlier in the evening months ago.  Finally, the heat breaks, cooler weather has arrived and soon the first frost will change the color of the leaves in most parts of the country. Fall evokes… Continue reading

Cooking with Saltware™ – Chicken Kabobs (flame out!)

Kabobs of all types whether a mix of proteins and veggies or all veggies are perhaps one of the most traditional fares found at cookouts around the world.  From tailgate parties to Korean BBQ steakhouses, if you don’t have a typical gas or charcoal grill… Continue reading

Homemade Ice Cream w/ AZ Bitters Lab

  You might remember our earlier recipe post for vanilla ice cream that shared some of the secrets to great, simple homemade ice cream, including the addition of bitters and booze.  For the sake of clarity and convenience we’ve split that post into two parts… Continue reading

How to: Making the Perfect Pickle (or pickled anything!)

  If you are looking for someone or something to blame, start with Lactobacilli.  It’s all their fault.  Without them, a healthy life just would not be possible.  Seriously.  (more on this in a moment) Summertime brings cucumbers, okra, red onions, cherry tomatoes and a whole… Continue reading

Cooking with Saltware™ – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

(video via  Chicken is one of the most commonly cooked dinner proteins and chicken recipes are most sought in web searches.  It’s rare to see new and unique approaches to a simple chicken dinner without making the entire process overly complex. Two weeks ago… Continue reading

Do It Yourself Bacon – For Beginners (and everyone else!)

  As any accomplished home chef will tell you, there are usually a few things they are reluctant to tackle.  Among them?  Typically, meat curing. Ruhlman and Polcyn have devoted an entire book to the subject and we’ve been known to wax poetic about the… Continue reading

New Product Release – simple seasonings™ – BBQ Rub

  BBQ. Barbecue. Barbeque. No matter how you say it or spell it, the idea, meaning, tools and flavors are universal. Gas, wood or charcoal fire cooked meats, fruits and veggies are the basics. A complex, smoky flavor profile with herb and spice notes, and… Continue reading

What Boston Market Isn’t Telling Customers About Salt

(Image courtesy of Chester Higgins Jr. / The New York Times) Reader’s Note:  This post is best read while playing Alanis Morrisette’s – Ironic in the background. Boston Market is making big news this week for doing something that seems crazy. Actually it is crazy.… Continue reading

Picnic Series – Pickled Red Onions

  Labor Day Weekend is usually the last hooray for summer. We have big backyard barbecue’s and pull out all the stops to enjoy one last day of picnic-y madness. Hamburgers, brats and hot dogs are three of the five ‘most grilled foods’ on Labor… Continue reading

Brining (How To: Chicken) – Give Your Meat a Salty Wet Kiss!

  Brining. It’s used to make pickles, olives, giardiniera, sauerkraut and a whole host of other delicious foodstuffs. But today we’re going to discuss the benefits of brining your proteins, specifically chicken. (and we show you how easy it is in the video above) We’ve… Continue reading