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Brining (How To: Chicken) – Give Your Meat a Salty Wet Kiss!

  Brining. It’s used to make pickles, olives, giardiniera, sauerkraut and a whole host of other delicious foodstuffs. But today we’re going to discuss the benefits of brining your proteins, specifically chicken. (and we show you how easy it is in the video above) We’ve… Continue reading

Salt – The Perfect Gift!

  What’s the best gift you’ve ever been given? Money? Jewelry? Clothing? A car? A house or other object? Unfortunately gifts today are usually valued economically and not intrinsically or sentimentally. Even when we put serious effort into finding just the right gift, it’s almost… Continue reading

Gluten-free Green Chile Corn Fritters – Simple. Quick. Easy.

  In the words of Jeffery Steingarten, author of the best-selling books The Man Who Ate Everything and It Must Have Been Something I Ate – “if you fry anything and put it on a plate it’s better!” While we aren’t sure that we agree… Continue reading

The Oceans Bounty – Meet The Gourmand & Three New Sea Salts

  It’s a shame really. Most of us eat three meals a day. Many of those are consumed on the run – or at least with a time constraint in mind. We’re happy (and sometimes even prefer) to have someone cook for us. Maybe we… Continue reading

Succulent Seasoning Secrets – How (or when) to salt your proteins!

  One of the most basic tenets in the kitchen is that of “salting (often referred to as seasoning) your proteins”. We’ve already broached that subject in a previous blog post – “What’s at steak?” From beef to pork to chicken to lamb, every chef worth… Continue reading

How to make the BEST CRISPIEST PERFECT french fries!

  The last two weeks of July mark some of our favorite food days of the year. Today presents our most favorite of all foods – French Fries!  We’re suckers for fries.  Why? Because french fries are great any time of day. Morning, noon or… Continue reading

Bathing, Bath Salts and Salt Baths

  The Greeks were some of the first to embrace its benefits. The Romans elevated it to something of an art form. The Japanese, arguably, have the strictest of rules regarding it.  And, for centuries, it has been embraced by society in general as an… Continue reading

Compound Bitters Butter

  Even though it’s still National Dairy Month, we suspect Georges Auguste Escoffier may not be a name you are familiar with. Many of his recipes and techniques are, however, because they are used to teach culinary students around the world. The original text Le… Continue reading

Best (and Easiest) Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

  Thirty years or more ago, a typical weekend summer evening (especially Memorial Day weekend) might have included sitting on the porch cranking the ice cream churn, slowly adding salt to melt the ice.  If there was more than one kid in the family, each… Continue reading

Authentic Guacamole Recipe – Thank the Aztecs!

  If you own a molcajete and tejolote, then you probably don’t need this post. If you don’t have the above AND you love avocados and authentic guacamole, then this post is specifically for you! Bookmark it or Pin It.  (it’s ok, we’ll be right… Continue reading