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Express Yourself – Raise ‘Salt Awareness’!

  The first ones were yellow thanks to Mr. Armstrong – Lance, not Neil. Some of the most popular and commonplace are in support of cancer. You see them on people of all ages and walks of life. LIVESTRONG is a well-known motto, but what… Continue reading

Celiac Awareness Month – Dualing Frittata’s

  Imagine having a food allergy so serious that every time you ate what you weren’t supposed to it made you sick. You are imagining the life of a celiac. That’s someone who is allergic to gluten for those of you who don’t know. No… Continue reading

The thrill of the grill!

  The month of May brings us National Barbecue Month, Beef Month, Hamburger Month, Asparagus Month, Strawberry Month, Egg Month, Salsa Month, Salad Month and Celiac Awareness Month. If you’ve been paying attention along the way, you are quite aware of our fondness for grilling… Continue reading

Feeling Saucy! – Filet w/ Grilled Asparagus & Brandy Mushroom Cream Sauce

  Do you know the difference between mother and daughter sauces? Should you? Does it really matter? Probably not. But for the sake of a brief education (no, you can’t claim any continuing education credits for this one) we should review the five mother sauces.… Continue reading

Backyard BBQ – Simple. Easy.

  Just a few weeks from now summer will be in full swing again.  The grills are already coming out, tongs are being dusted off.  Beer fridges are being…who are we kidding, beer fridges are ALWAYS stocked. Putting together the guest list and the menu… Continue reading

Thinking about – National Food Month

  Really? We need a month to celebrate food?  Says who? And why? (maybe it started out as someone’s not so brilliant April Fool’s joke…and then the idea stuck?) Oh, and it’s also Gardening Month.  Good to know.  NOW I’ll go out and get my… Continue reading

Artisan Bread – Chew on that!

  Flour, water & salt – these are the basic ingredients for bread.  Though, most breads are also leavened and so we can add yeast to the list. From these 4 ingredients come a veritable cornucopia of deliciousness.  Even the gluten intolerant are able to enjoy non-gluten… Continue reading

Ignite Food – First. Ever. Anywhere.

So the big night has come and gone.  The ‘buzz’ is wearing off.  And the “buzz” is just beginning.  Mr. Moriarty, Chris Lee and the Phoenix Ignite crew have outdone themselves and in the process, really raised the bar for future events…both Ignite Phoenix and… Continue reading

Thinking about – Potato Chips

  We’ve all heard the adage that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. No statement could have been more true for Chef Crum. It was a warm summer evening, and by all counts Chef Crum was having a bad night. One of the patron’s had… Continue reading

Thinking about – Making every meal better!

  Do you appreciate a good really good flavor profile? One that was well developed with lots of subtle nuances. One that keeps giving layers of flavor well after you enjoyed your initial reaction of, “oh WOW”. Now, imagine a world where everything tasted exactly… Continue reading