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It’s nice to know you’re loved!

  For the third time in as many months, we are the recipient of more media love from Chow Bella. You can read each of them for yourself – here… here… and most recently here. It’s nice to see the word is getting out, not… Continue reading

Eggs Bene Bites & SuperAwesome Superbowl Sliders #2

  What do you do with 40 quail eggs? Before we answer that question (as though the picture or the title doesn’t already give you a big enough clue), perhaps we should explain how we came to be in possession of 40 quail eggs. A… Continue reading

Liberty Market & Gilbert Farmer’s Market – “Double Market” Community Dinner

  The joy of sitting down to a meal prepared by someone else is more than just relaxing, it can be completely liberating. Mind you, the bar is set ridiculously high for anyone attempting to cook for us because, frankly speaking, we are SPOILED. The… Continue reading

MythInformation Monday – Myth #3

  I don’t eat salt. It’s said in the most matter of fact way. Most who live in that fairytale world have no clue how much salt they actually consume.  What’s more, even fewer have any idea that “salt” is a NECESSARY part of our… Continue reading

New Product Release – Dressing Up!™

    Most of us aren’t born with an affinity for vegetables – especially not raw ones. Most of us have on at least one occasion referred to the end to end salad bar at some all-you-can-eat buffet as “rabbit food”. If it’s green and… Continue reading

Thinking about- What’s in a name?

In upscale food shops and grocery purveyors around the country, you can find the shelves littered with pounds and pounds of grey sea salt. The label tells you the story – or at least all the story they want you to know. Because the less… Continue reading

Thinking about- MythInformation – Myth #2

  Confusing the Truth with the Facts? At any given moment in time, the sun is shining and its completely dark out. Which of those realities is true for you depends on one simple fact…your geophysical location… our view of the sun depends entirely on… Continue reading

SuperAwesome Superbowl Slider #1 – Blue Cheese Spicy Squash Burger

Slowly browse your way through any of your local grocery stores and there in the produce section you are likely to find something that just doesn’t belong. It’s kinda like a really bad “Where’s Waldo” game. There in amongst all the wholesomely delicious fruits and… Continue reading

Thinking about – MythInformation – Myth #1

  Each week we hear myriads of people tell us that they don’t eat salt. Or, they have to be on a low sodium diet. Or, they just walk by looking at our “go lb. salt” sign and then look at us with disdain as… Continue reading

New Product Release!

  To the untrained eye, the picture above may look like a bunch of gravel.  But you are actually up close and personal with our next salt!  We’ve been hard at work with our suppliers and are pleased to announce the release of another new… Continue reading