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Thinking about – Best Intentions. Good Motivation.

  It’s the same thing, year after year. Most new year’s resolutions last not even a nano second beyond, “Oh, I said that?” But maybe you wrote your’s down, as though somehow seeing it on paper will make us more accountable. Maybe you coerced a friend,… Continue reading

Build a better burger!

  You don’t have to call yourself a meat-a-tarian to appreciate a DELICIOUS burger. But we all know that those things don’t just grow on trees. Some of the finest burgers to ever sit alongside the humble french fry were born from a lack of… Continue reading

Bolivian Rose

  In the south of Bolivia, high in the Andes Mountains lies an ancient deposit of sea salt that lay preserved and protected from pollution beneath a millennium’s old lava flow. It’s harvested (mined) by hand, away from the fumes associated with gasoline and diesel… Continue reading