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Express Yourself – Raise ‘Salt Awareness’!

  The first ones were yellow thanks to Mr. Armstrong – Lance, not Neil. Some of the most popular and commonplace are in support of cancer. You see them on people of all ages and walks of life. LIVESTRONG is a well-known motto, but what… Continue reading

Celiac Awareness Month – Dualing Frittata’s

  Imagine having a food allergy so serious that every time you ate what you weren’t supposed to it made you sick. You are imagining the life of a celiac. That’s someone who is allergic to gluten for those of you who don’t know. No… Continue reading

More Martini Madness!

  Most often, it’s the combination of oblique items that makes the most memorable dishes and drinks.  Today’s new breed of mixologists are proving the truth of this as well.  But, you need not venture out to your favorite swanky watering hole to enjoy an… Continue reading

Cocktails Anyone? – Martini Madness!

(note the frosty bottles & shaker!)   With word last week that James Bond was trading in his signature martini for a bottle of Heineken (really? Ian Flemming liked beer too, but…REALLY?) we felt obligated to redress our appreciation for martini’s with a post devoted… Continue reading

Crowdfunding – Make A Difference!

  (re-posted from – a truffiere project reminder) When we dare to dream as children we are often told that ‘nothing is impossible’. If we are to make a success of life, we must turn that statement around – ‘impossible is nothing’. Impossible becomes… Continue reading

Thinking about – National Food Month

  Really? We need a month to celebrate food?  Says who? And why? (maybe it started out as someone’s not so brilliant April Fool’s joke…and then the idea stuck?) Oh, and it’s also Gardening Month.  Good to know.  NOW I’ll go out and get my… Continue reading

Bacon Lettuce & Tomato – Heavy on the Bacon!

  Pigs get a bad rap.  Really. When we see someone eating more than what we think is their fair share, what do we call them?  A pig. Is that fair to the pig.  Probably not.  Unlike cows, pigs don’t over eat. Maybe we should… Continue reading

Ignite Food – First. Ever. Anywhere.

So the big night has come and gone.  The ‘buzz’ is wearing off.  And the “buzz” is just beginning.  Mr. Moriarty, Chris Lee and the Phoenix Ignite crew have outdone themselves and in the process, really raised the bar for future events…both Ignite Phoenix and… Continue reading

Thinking about – Potato Chips

  We’ve all heard the adage that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. No statement could have been more true for Chef Crum. It was a warm summer evening, and by all counts Chef Crum was having a bad night. One of the patron’s had… Continue reading

Winter truffles are going, going, gone!

  Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter. The seasons fly by and most of us associate them with the weather (usually the temperature or type of precipitation). But few of us associate a specific season with the type of food available because it’s what’s currently being harvested.… Continue reading