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bacon, Bacon, BACON Recipes! (Sonoran Living Live – August 8, 2014)

A special thanks to Sonoran Living Live for featuring our premium Bring Home The Bacon! Part 1 (Shrimp & Cream Cheese Stuffed, Bacon Wrapped, Jalapeno Poppers – w/ Maple Applewood Bacon)   Part 2 (Summertime Pasta alla Carbonara – w/ Black Truffle Bacon)   Part… Continue reading

Bring Home The Bacon™ – Bacon FAQ’s

  Curious about what goes into our incredible premium bacon?  Wonder no more, we give you all the juicy details! Tell me about your bacon?   It’s heritage bred, vegan fed, free-range, pasture raised, hormone and antibiotic free, made just like grandpa used to make bacon!… Continue reading

New Product Release – BRING HOME THE BACON

The average American consumes about 18 pounds of bacon a year.  That means that more than 5.5 BILLION pounds of bacon are sold in the US alone.  How are we collectively able to accomplish such a feat? Consider these current facts: more than 62% of… Continue reading

Chitchen Kemistry – Release Your Inner Gastronome!

  Gastronomy. It’s a word not frequently used, though we think it should be! The word itself first appeared in the title of a poem written by French attorney Joseph Berchoux in 1801. The original suffix root of the word (nomy) derives from the Greek… Continue reading

Oven Baked Brie & Bread (w/ fruit preserves)

  Dairy by definition includes the harvest of animal milk from not only cows, but also goats, sheep, buffalo, camels and horses for consumption by humans. So, you don’t need to have cows to have a dairy, but you do need some sort of animal… Continue reading

Crowdfunding – Make A Difference!

  (re-posted from – a truffiere project reminder) When we dare to dream as children we are often told that ‘nothing is impossible’. If we are to make a success of life, we must turn that statement around – ‘impossible is nothing’. Impossible becomes… Continue reading

Ignite Food – First. Ever. Anywhere.

So the big night has come and gone.  The ‘buzz’ is wearing off.  And the “buzz” is just beginning.  Mr. Moriarty, Chris Lee and the Phoenix Ignite crew have outdone themselves and in the process, really raised the bar for future events…both Ignite Phoenix and… Continue reading

Winter truffles are going, going, gone!

  Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter. The seasons fly by and most of us associate them with the weather (usually the temperature or type of precipitation). But few of us associate a specific season with the type of food available because it’s what’s currently being harvested.… Continue reading

happiness IS just a lick away!

  Without the function of the tongue and the palette, we would be unable to enjoy the pleasure that comes from the simplest of flavors. The concept would be as unimaginable as the notion of color to someone born blind. And yet, when presented with… Continue reading

Thinking about- Growing Local…Truffles!

  Of all the edible fungi (you might call them mushrooms), truffles are some of the most fascinating! Truffles are most accurately described as the “fruiting bodies” of mychorrhizal ascomycetous fungi. They are more commonly referred to as “sac fungi”. Other familiar examples of sac… Continue reading