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A Baker and a Chocolatier Extraordinaire – The Baker’s Daughter

  Artisan. That word is now bandied about the culinary world with the frequency of personal pronouns used at the beginning of sentences between long lost friends catching up on life events. Unfortunately, by definition, the word does not speak to the skill or the… Continue reading

Stop Making Resolutions; BE Resolute.

  It’s one week into the new year, what do you have to say for yourself? Fell off the wagon already? It’s OK, pick yourself up and keep going. The new year always brings resolutions. Most of them are broken within days, if not weeks.… Continue reading

Brussels Sprouts – Show ‘em some love!

  Brussels sprouts. Most look on them with disdain, even loathing. One bad childhood experience can ruin a lifetime of brussels sprout love. Only 32,000 tons of brussels sprouts are produced in the US every year. Of that total, only 6,000 or so tons are… Continue reading

World Food Day – It will never be enough!

  “More people have died of hunger in the past five years than have been killed in all wars, revolutions and murders in the past 150 years.” – The Hunger Primer (published 1983) We spend a lot of time talking about eating healthy and making… Continue reading

Himalayan Salt Blocks – Cooking with Saltware™

  It has recently come to our attention that this blog has failed to address an entire genre of salt use. We intend to correct that error, starting today! We are well aware of the concept of “salting your food”. But what about the idea… Continue reading

Salt – The Perfect Gift!

  What’s the best gift you’ve ever been given? Money? Jewelry? Clothing? A car? A house or other object? Unfortunately gifts today are usually valued economically and not intrinsically or sentimentally. Even when we put serious effort into finding just the right gift, it’s almost… Continue reading

The Dog Days of Summer

  4:15 AM That’s the time our alarm goes off every Saturday morning. Mind you, we don’t usually get up that early – nor do we want to. But every week we make an exception for the good folks who come to support the Gilbert… Continue reading

Pink Pepperberries are NOT peppercorns!

  When is a fruit not a fruit? When it’s from the Schinus species of the Anacardiaceae family. Yeah, that’s a bit much for us to remember too! So, we simply refer to them as pink pepper berries. These little beauties are either Peruvian Pepper… Continue reading

Backyard BBQ – Simple. Easy.

  Just a few weeks from now summer will be in full swing again.  The grills are already coming out, tongs are being dusted off.  Beer fridges are being…who are we kidding, beer fridges are ALWAYS stocked. Putting together the guest list and the menu… Continue reading

Bacon Lettuce & Tomato – Heavy on the Bacon!

  Pigs get a bad rap.  Really. When we see someone eating more than what we think is their fair share, what do we call them?  A pig. Is that fair to the pig.  Probably not.  Unlike cows, pigs don’t over eat. Maybe we should… Continue reading