Build a better burger!


You don’t have to call yourself a meat-a-tarian to appreciate a DELICIOUS burger. But we all know that those things don’t just grow on trees. Some of the finest burgers to ever sit alongside the humble french fry were born from a lack of ingredients and a VIVID imagination. Though he doesn’t suffer from a lack of ingredients, Chef David at Liberty Market in downtown Gilbert, AZ has what could easily be argued the most impressive collection of imaginative burger creations! (what you may not have known is that he LOVES cold burgers for breakfast)

We can’t compare to the likes of Chef David, but we can share a few tips to help make TASTY burgers at home or anywhere you decide to fire up the burger train! These items ARE listed in their order of importance (from our point of view)!

  1. Selection of Beef

The best burgers will ultimately be that incredible mix of choice cuts that is ground up to produce the fine grind that will ultimately be shaped into the patty of your dreams! You can dry age your own chuck and sirloin using our super simple DIY Dry Aged Beef Kit and then grind it yourself. Or you can check out this place that was referred to us by one of our regulars (thanks Zach Garcia)! Keep the ratio of fat to lean at about 20% anything more will be too greasy…and anything less will not be nearly as flavorful.

If you are cooking it on the grill, make sure to dimple the center as you are forming it so that it doesn’t take on the shape of a bowling ball as it cooks! Indirect heat is best once you get a good sear, otherwise you risk drying out your burger! Most restaurant, hand formed / thicker burgers are moist and juicy because they place a bowl or pan over them while cooking to quick steam them to perfection! So, if you are using a flat iron griddle or pan – feel free to use the stainless steel bowl method… you won’t be disappointed!

One final note: make sure to properly season your burger before cooking it! At the very least, use a GOOD sea salt – we recommend Sel Gris de Guerande’, Applewood Smoked, or Black Truffle Salt, (you might even enjoy our Bloody Mary rim·licks) but smoked or unsmoked, it’s your choice! Don’t use pepper before cooking…it gets bitter when exposed to fire and high heat. Pepper your burger after it’s cooked and while it’s resting… if you want a bit of pepper on at all.

  1. Choice of Bun/ Bread

You might not think much about the bun you put your burger on, but if you really think it has no bearing, just grab a random couple of slices of whatever the next time you make a burger at home. Seriously, the bread, bun you lay that meat-a-licious creation on needs to be the perfect blend of crunchy and soft. Even well buttered will add to the overall enjoyment! Texture is everything with a great sandwich, from the texture of the meat to the texture of the bun…even the texture of the other ingredients is important. We recommend a nice Filone style bun or loaf to rest that juicy burger on!

  1. Bacon

Virtually any sandwich can be improved with the addition of bacon. No seriously…unless you are vegetarian or vegan of course, and in that case we apologize and offer an alternative (skip point #1 above and point #4 below and grill up some delicious veggies and sprinkle some of our FACON on it, slap on two delicious pieces of the best bread you can find…we promise you won’t be disappointed!)

  1. Cheese

The sharpness, creaminess, sweetness or even saltiness of the cheese will help accentuate and offset your selection of other ingredients. Choose wisely and despite what you mom told you…don’t be afraid to play with your food!

  1. Other Ingredients

From roasted red peppers to chorizo to daikon radish, you’d be amazed at the number of tasty combinations you can come up with. The days of beef and cheese and bacon are over. And while an avocado IS delicious on a burger, that’s just the beginning! Think caviar, crème fraiche, or even stewed apples with crème anglaise…

What are you waiting for? You’ve got shopping to do…once you figure out what your newest burger creation will be. And if your imagination just isn’t up to the task right now…head over to Liberty Market and ask Chef David what he has on the burger menu today!

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