Crowdfunding – Make A Difference!


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When we dare to dream as children we are often told that ‘nothing is impossible’. If we are to make a success of life, we must turn that statement around – ‘impossible is nothing’. Impossible becomes nothing when you dare to dream and keep your feet on the ground. Knowing exactly what it takes to make your dream a reality is all you really need to see the reality of ‘impossible is nothing”!

Sometimes that includes helping others reach their dreams. We’ve backed more than 30 crowdfunding projects since January 1 of this year – most of them food related. There are some really great projects that need your support, including ours!

Once you find a project you want to support, the very next question is how much do I want to give. The formula used to answer that question is complex. How much do you like the project itself? Does it have a cool factor or are you interested in backing it for what you might get from it? Candidly, backer rewards at the various levels often determine what dollar level is selected.

Indiegogo’s structure offers a unique approach for our project. Our 120 day project means you can actually budget monies each month for up 4 months. Indiegogo allows each person to back a project multiple times.  For example you could select the $25 perk as many times as you like!

This allows a couple of unique ideas:

For those who may not be able to contribute more than “x” number of dollars in any given pay period because of budget constraints, they could still back at one of the lower levels multiple times and we will accumulate and acknowledge their total investment and provide their perks based on the level at or below the total amount of backing.  ($25 a month for 4 months and they would be considered a $100 backer of the project –  $150 a month for 4 months and they would be considered a $500 backer and invited to the Founders Gala…you get the idea).

Others may embrace the concept of helping to establish a legacy orchard, something they can give as a gift to children, grand children, nieces or nephews. The good news is that you can choose to back the project yourself and then back the project on behalf of someone else and gift it in their name.

We want this project to be about the little people because that’s what crowdfunding is all about.  For those that initially back at one level and decide they want to go bigger as the project progresses, the cumulative approach makes that possible.

We hope this approach brings more people to the project because of their ability to do more over the 4 month period the project will run. To each and every backer, we appreciate the great trust you’ve place in us by choosing to back this project. We’ll continue to provide updates along the way to let you know exactly what’s going on!

Tell everyone about the underground project that’s all about the little guy!

Again, thanks for backing and thanks for sharing!