New Product Release – Pore Essentials™ – Balance & Beautify

balance beautify


Few words strike fear into the heart of mortal man (or woman) like that one does.  Some of our worst adolescent and pre-adolescent days started with a single pimple.

A simple google search for the word ‘acne’ returns more than 85,000,000 results.  Ironically, by comparison the phrase ‘skin scrub’ returns a scant 28,000,000 results.

Quite clearly there is a lot more discussion about the problem than the potential treatments.  There is no simple cure.  Acne happens for many reasons… most beyond our control.  But, that doesn’t change the fact that we’d like those pesky pimples to go away as soon as possible!

Enter our newest Pore Essentials™ skin scrub – Balance & Beautify.  This scrub is fifth in our line of patent-pending, chemical-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, organic skin care products.  Our comments on the first four scrubs can be found in our New Product Release post from November.

Our Cleanse & Clarify blend is crafted specifically for severe and/ or chronic acne sufferers.  Since it’s release, it has successfully provided relief for acne sufferers of all types and has even helped several Accutane users find an equally viable though much less aggressive (and dangerous) form of treatment.

However, most of us don’t need that much anti-acne power!  We only need to address the occasional pimple and help it heal…quickly!!

Our Balance & Beautify blend is crafted to help meet the need of those who suffer only occasional acne.  It’s proprietary blend of raw organic cane, strawberry, coconut, ginger, blueberry, vanilla and sea salt deliver the necessary amounts of alpha and beta hydroxy acids to help stop the spread of acne, as well as cleansing agents and astringents, while also providing healing antioxidants to help prevent permanent damage to your skin.

Check our entire Pore Essentials™ line of products and start feeding ‘Organic Food For Your Skin!’