New Product Release – ‘Killer’ Corned Beef Kit (or pastrami)!

Organic DIY 'Killer Corned Beef Kit


The Great Irish Potato Famine saw about 1 million people emigrate from Ireland.  Nearly one-third of those immigrants was entirely dependent on the potato for food.  The majority of the Irish, had more than a century early become tenant farmers.  Driven off their land (primarily or subsequently really doesn’t matter) by the English so that British Crown cattle could be pastured, slaughtered and corned for export to the United Kingdom.  It was a dark period in Irish history and the primary reason why corned beef is served only in the more tourist driven economies of Ireland today.  What’s more, most of the Irish in Ireland to not identify corned beef as part of their native cuisine.

Sadly, it represents everything the Irish railed and rallied against, and yet was a dish that they would have eaten if not for the fact that it was considered a luxury – one to be served only to the wealthy and usually their British overlords at that.  So, imagine the bitter-sweet inner turmoil experienced when corned beef was found by those aforementioned Irish immigrants in Jewish delicatessens in the culinary melting pot and immigration epicenter of the then known world – New York City.  It was incredibly tasty and inexpensive.

For the immigrant Jewish population, the brisket was one of the few cuts of beef that was considered kosher because of not having any direct connection to the sciatica of the cow.  An inexpensive cut of beef that could be seasoned and slow cooked to produce a much tastier meal was every poor immigrants dream, especially those Irish-American immigrants and they adopted this newly found corned beef as their own… with gusto!

The term ‘corned’ simply refers to the coarse granular salts that were used to cure the beef for export to the UK.  Today corned beef typically refers to beef that has been cured with saltpeter, sodium nitrate or most frequently sodium nitrite.  Don’t worry, it’s entirely safe.  The average cured meat product that can be purchased today is cured with such strict science behind it that the final nitrite content is less than 10 ppm sodium nitrite in the final product.

There are several well-known deli’s in NYC that serve some of the best corned beef to be found.  It’s not likely that you are going to race out to Katz’s, Ben’s Best or 2nd Avenue Deli to satiate your next corned beef urge, especially at $20, $25 and $29 per lb. (before shipping).

So, we did the next best thing.  We took the awesome corned beef recipes used by these guys (and a few others – some for literally decades), combined them, gave them our own unique twist, and now are pleased to provide you with the ONLY turnkey, Do It Yourself, ENTIRELY ORGANIC corned beef curing kit available in the marketplace.  We did so by creating a select blend of some of the world’s premium organic whole spices and dried herbs along with an organic unrefined sea salt and a raw organic cane sugar.  The result is unparalleled and something you won’t find anywhere else!

We are proud to announce the release of our ‘Killer’ Corned Beef Kit™ to our simple seasonings™ product line!  And, if corned beef isn’t your thing, no worries, we provide instructions for making pastrami instead!

How does it work?  Each kit sells for $30 and includes everything you need to brine, season and cure your brisket except for the brisket itself and the four bottles of Guinness Extra Stout recommended for cooking your corned beef.  (Buy a twelve-pack and you can enjoy the other eight at your leisure!)  That means you can produce incredibly delicious, authentic, deli-style ORGANIC corned beef (or pastrami) for as little as $7 to as much as $18 per lb. (if you select organic grass-fed beef).  What’s more, you can do that in the comfort of your own home AND seriously impress your friends!  (Watch our YouTube Channel for the DIY video!)

If you think that seems pricey, consider that it’s as little as 1/4 the price of some of the best commercial corned beef in country (if the deli were right around the corner)!  And, once you taste this corned beef, you’ll never think of paying for someone else’s corned beef again!

One last note: Don’t even contemplate using some plain old organic pickling spice, it might be less expensive (though you will need 5 of those to equal what we provide in our kit – and that still doesn’t include the salts and sugar) but you know what they say about getting what you pay for?  It’s not nearly the same!!  If you don’t believe us, try them side by side and see for yourself!