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It helps to have a great kitchen to offer our classes in and this place has it all!


Sizzle, stir, sauté, simmer, sear, and steam.

You can do all of that and more with appliances from our friends at Allstate Appliances.

Test out any of the appliances in six live kitchens (a seventh coming soon) and you’ll see this is the best way to make informed decisions about what appliances and brands will work with your home and lifestyle.

Cruise through the grocery store (or the Costco right across the street!), then head over to Allstate Appliances and put their living kitchens to the test.

Decisions, decisions…

Gas or electric? Radiant or induction? French door or side by side? Steam or convection? Cooktop and double ovens or range? The experts at Allstate will help you make the right decision for your cooking style.

What about brands? Sub-Zero or Miele? Viking or Thermador? The abundance of choices can make one’s head swim! That’s why having a hands-on, cook-and-learn experience is the best way to decide which appliances are best for you.

Are you more the “watch and learn” type as opposed to the “do and learn” person? Allstate offer a program called Foodie Fridays where chefs and brand representatives cook on their company’s appliances, teaching the ins-and-outs of their brands, and demonstrate what their appliances can do.

You can learn about the products and sample the delicious food prepared by those folks who know their brands the best. No matter which way you go, the time spent in Allstate Appliances’ living kitchens will ensure that you feel confident in the brands and products you choose, whether you’re building new, remodeling, or updating.

So, head on over to Allstate Appliances and brown, broil, blanch, braise, and boil. That’s just two letters in the culinary alphabet. Think what fun you can have with the other 24!