New Product Release – BRING HOME THE BACON


The average American consumes about 18 pounds of bacon a year.  That means that more than 5.5 BILLION pounds of bacon are sold in the US alone.  How are we collectively able to accomplish such a feat?

Consider these current facts:

  • more than 62% of restaurants have bacon on the menu
  • more than 45% of all breakfast meat servings are bacon (as opposed to ham or sausage)
  • more than 53% of all households report that they ALWAYS have bacon on hand in the kitchen
  • 75% of all bacon is eaten “as is” (as opposed to using it as an ingredient)
  • the Top 10 brands currently sold in the US are:

Private Label

Oscar Meyer

Hormel Black Label






Louis Rich


The above listed brands are terrible excuses for bacon and are passed off as “acceptable” because most of us have never had GOOD bacon, and we intend to change that

With the foregoing in mind we decided that it was time to bring a premium bacon to market, a bacon that would make bacon lover’s everywhere stand up in applause because their hunger for GREAT bacon was finally being satisfied.  We are pleased to announce the release and introduction of our newest product line – Bring Home The Bacon!

Our bacon is made with “never-ever” pork (no hormones, no antibiotics) that is free-range, pasture raised and fed a NO animal by-product, vegan diet.  We cure that pork using a blend of raw organic sugars and unrefined sea salts along with other all-natural components.  Because of our use of unrefined sea salts, the final product contains 35% – 70% less sodium than other bacons.  All of these combine to produce what our mascot Pigsley describes as “the best tasting bacon you’ve ever had!”

This premium, dry-cured product is what REAL bacon tastes like.  But, we didn’t stop there, we created not only a “traditional” applewood-maple bacon, that we call “Original” but we’ve crafted three unique flavors as well.  These three additional flavors are – Savory Herb, Chocolate and Black Truffle Bacon (yes, we’ve combined truffles with bacon and life will never be the same)!

Bring Home The Bacon - Dry-Cured Black Truffle Bacon

Bring Home The Bacon – Dry-Cured Black Truffle Bacon

Our Chocolate Cured Bacon (not chocolate dipped or chocolate coated) and our Black Truffle Cured Bacon are the world’s first and only bacons that are currently available in each of these unique flavors.  This is only possible because we’ve developed a method for curing the pork belly with the components that give them their names and unique flavors!

Chocolate and bacon is a combination most of us won’t pass up when someone offers it.  And, bacon and black truffles are a flavor combination that just can’t be beat whether enjoyed by itself or wrapped around filet or scallops, but why go fancy?  Just put a few pieces in a grilled cheese sandwich with a slice of tomato and you’ve just made yourself a gourmet meal!

You can currently find our unique bacon at select local farmers markets, but you won’t have to wait long for it to start appearing on grocery store shelves either.  We will also be shipping bacon from our website in insulated packaging that is completely recyclable thanks to work with a “green” packaging supplier.

We’ll keep you posted as the bacon becomes available in grocery stores and online.  In the meantime, come get some from us at a local farmers market or stay at home and drool over pictures of the incredibly delicious meals we now get to enjoy as you watch them appear in our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds!  Either way, it won’t be long before you decide to… Bring Home The Bacon!