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MythInformation Monday – Myth #4

  It all started with the Industrial Revolution. That period of time marked a turning point in anthropology, especially how we associated with our environment. Almost every aspect of daily life was influenced in some way. Society transitioned away from the traditional agrarian (agriculture based)… Continue reading

MythInformation Monday – Myth #3

  I don’t eat salt. It’s said in the most matter of fact way. Most who live in that fairytale world have no clue how much salt they actually consume.  What’s more, even fewer have any idea that “salt” is a NECESSARY part of our… Continue reading

Thinking about- MythInformation – Myth #2

  Confusing the Truth with the Facts? At any given moment in time, the sun is shining and its completely dark out. Which of those realities is true for you depends on one simple fact…your geophysical location… our view of the sun depends entirely on… Continue reading

Thinking about – MythInformation – Myth #1

  Each week we hear myriads of people tell us that they don’t eat salt. Or, they have to be on a low sodium diet. Or, they just walk by looking at our “go lb. salt” sign and then look at us with disdain as… Continue reading

Healthy or Hype? – Himalayan Salt Lamps & Negative Ions

Healthy or Hype? It’s perhaps the most important question we must ask ourselves when presented with any new health care treatment.  Unfortunately getting clear, concise, honest answers can be difficult when the primary reason most of these treatments are being offered is for one reason… Continue reading

What Boston Market Isn’t Telling Customers About Salt

(Image courtesy of Chester Higgins Jr. / The New York Times) Reader’s Note:  This post is best read while playing Alanis Morrisette’s – Ironic in the background. Boston Market is making big news this week for doing something that seems crazy. Actually it is crazy.… Continue reading