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SuperAwesome Superbowl Slider #3 – BBQ Beef

  Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend already and we promised you THREE SuperAwesome Superbowl Sliders! Today we deliver slider #3. Sliders are typically beef, and this one won’t disappoint. However, this one strays a bit from the concept of a traditional slider in that… Continue reading

Eggs Bene Bites & SuperAwesome Superbowl Sliders #2

  What do you do with 40 quail eggs? Before we answer that question (as though the picture or the title doesn’t already give you a big enough clue), perhaps we should explain how we came to be in possession of 40 quail eggs. A… Continue reading

SuperAwesome Superbowl Slider #1 – Blue Cheese Spicy Squash Burger

Slowly browse your way through any of your local grocery stores and there in the produce section you are likely to find something that just doesn’t belong. It’s kinda like a really bad “Where’s Waldo” game. There in amongst all the wholesomely delicious fruits and… Continue reading

Just another Sunday? Hardly!

                                             (image courtesy of Superbowl Sunday. More food is consumed by American’s on that day than any other day of the year –… Continue reading