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Succulent Seasoning Secrets – How (or when) to salt your proteins!

  One of the most basic tenets in the kitchen is that of “salting (often referred to as seasoning) your proteins”. We’ve already broached that subject in a previous blog post – “What’s at steak?” From beef to pork to chicken to lamb, every chef worth… Continue reading

What’s at steak? – Salting your proteins!

  Spring training started this weekend. Summer time is just around the corner and grill masters everywhere will be dusting off their mitts, tongs, skewers and other outdoor culinary paraphernalia. Cooking the perfect steak (or burger, or pork chop) can be quite the challenge. You… Continue reading

SuperAwesome Superbowl Slider #3 – BBQ Beef

  Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend already and we promised you THREE SuperAwesome Superbowl Sliders! Today we deliver slider #3. Sliders are typically beef, and this one won’t disappoint. However, this one strays a bit from the concept of a traditional slider in that… Continue reading

New Product Release!

  To the untrained eye, the picture above may look like a bunch of gravel.  But you are actually up close and personal with our next salt!  We’ve been hard at work with our suppliers and are pleased to announce the release of another new… Continue reading