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NEW PRODUCT RELEASES – Sriracha Flake Salt & FACON Sriracha Seasoning

  Sriracha. It’s a name we’ve come to know… and love – but most of us cannot correctly pronounce it.  So, let’s clear that up first.  See-rah-chah.  The first ‘r’ is silent.  Need more help?  Check out this quick video example that includes the founder… Continue reading

Thinking about – Our Third Year!

  A recent Shark Tank sound bite offered Kevin O’leary aka Mr. Wonderful’s business perspective that ‘a business that isn’t profitable by it’s third year is just a hobby.’  Recent news of Google’s purchase of Nest Labs shows that you can make a sizeable profit in… Continue reading

New Product Release – simple seasonings™ fajita

(photo courtesy of the Sonny Falcon family) Nose-to-tail cookery has been around since the very first animal was butchered.  The last thing anyone wanted to do was waste precious protein. Few understood this better than the vaqueros of North America.  These horsemen were also cattle… Continue reading

New Product Release – Pore Essentials™ – Balance & Beautify

Acne. Few words strike fear into the heart of mortal man (or woman) like that one does.  Some of our worst adolescent and pre-adolescent days started with a single pimple. A simple google search for the word ‘acne’ returns more than 85,000,000 results.  Ironically, by… Continue reading – Killer Corned Beef Kit Release Announcement

Local Salt Company Launches Killer Corned Beef Kit: Create Sandwiches You’ll be Dying to Share!

New Product Release – Pore Essentials™ Skin Scrubs

Skin care. It’s not as easy as it sounds, right? After all, there’s more to consider than just the question of “Normal, oily or dry?”  There are a whole host of other conditions and maladies too. . . Sun damage, laugh lines, acne, wrinkles, scarring,… Continue reading

No Salt Week??? No Thank You!!!

  There are a little more than 604,000 seconds in a week.  We patiently waited for each and every one of them to pass.  It was our way of observing a moment of silence. . . for the ridiculous notion that the culinary world should… Continue reading

New Product Release – Rub Yer Belly – Bacon Cures

Warning:  Consuming bacon made with Rub Yer Belly cures may cause nausea when making any future attempts to buy cheap store-bought bacon.  Dizziness, light-headedness, tingling in the extremities, irritability (when asked to share) and temporary insanity may also occur.  It’s so good you’ll fairly swoon, experience… Continue reading

New Product Release – Vanilla Bean Sugar

  It wasn’t until the early 1500’s that the world’s second most expensive spice was introduced to Europe. History credits Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés with the distinction of bringing it from the Mesoamerican world. Like those before him, he too stole it as part of… Continue reading

Express Yourself – Raise ‘Salt Awareness’!

  The first ones were yellow thanks to Mr. Armstrong – Lance, not Neil. Some of the most popular and commonplace are in support of cancer. You see them on people of all ages and walks of life. LIVESTRONG is a well-known motto, but what… Continue reading