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Quesadillas – Sonoran Living Live – April 1, 2013

It was our pleasure to share three, five minute segments with the ABC 15 viewing audience on the morning of Monday, April 1, 2013.  Below are each of the clips in order exactly as they appeared.  The recipes are also included below! Part 1 (Brining Chicken,… Continue reading

Homemade Spiced Cider – The Taste of Fall in a Mug

  The autumnal equinox has passed and the sun began setting earlier in the evening months ago.  Finally, the heat breaks, cooler weather has arrived and soon the first frost will change the color of the leaves in most parts of the country. Fall evokes… Continue reading

Succulent Seasoning Secrets – How (or when) to salt your proteins!

  One of the most basic tenets in the kitchen is that of “salting (often referred to as seasoning) your proteins”. We’ve already broached that subject in a previous blog post – “What’s at steak?” From beef to pork to chicken to lamb, every chef worth… Continue reading

Vanilla Milkshake w/ Applewood Sea Salt

  It seems somehow twisted-ly appropriate that summer begins in the heat of the day this year. For those of you who aren’t Almanac readers, its June 20, 2012 at 7:09PM (EDT) in the Northern Hemisphere – that’s 4:09PM for those of us here under… Continue reading

Best (and Easiest) Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

  Thirty years or more ago, a typical weekend summer evening (especially Memorial Day weekend) might have included sitting on the porch cranking the ice cream churn, slowly adding salt to melt the ice.  If there was more than one kid in the family, each… Continue reading

Dry Aged Beef – You can taste the difference!

  Can you remember the last delicious juicy, richly beefy tasting burger you had? Cooked to perfection. (our individual ideas of perfection may vary, but it was perfection none-the-less) What was it that made that burger taste so good? At the end of the day,… Continue reading

Celiac Awareness Month – Dualing Frittata’s

  Imagine having a food allergy so serious that every time you ate what you weren’t supposed to it made you sick. You are imagining the life of a celiac. That’s someone who is allergic to gluten for those of you who don’t know. No… Continue reading

Feeling Saucy! – Filet w/ Grilled Asparagus & Brandy Mushroom Cream Sauce

  Do you know the difference between mother and daughter sauces? Should you? Does it really matter? Probably not. But for the sake of a brief education (no, you can’t claim any continuing education credits for this one) we should review the five mother sauces.… Continue reading

Artisan Bread – Chew on that!

  Flour, water & salt – these are the basic ingredients for bread.  Though, most breads are also leavened and so we can add yeast to the list. From these 4 ingredients come a veritable cornucopia of deliciousness.  Even the gluten intolerant are able to enjoy non-gluten… Continue reading

Bacon Lettuce & Tomato – Heavy on the Bacon!

  Pigs get a bad rap.  Really. When we see someone eating more than what we think is their fair share, what do we call them?  A pig. Is that fair to the pig.  Probably not.  Unlike cows, pigs don’t over eat. Maybe we should… Continue reading