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Thinking about – Our Third Year!

  A recent Shark Tank sound bite offered Kevin O’leary aka Mr. Wonderful’s business perspective that ‘a business that isn’t profitable by it’s third year is just a hobby.’  Recent news of Google’s purchase of Nest Labs shows that you can make a sizeable profit in… Continue reading

Thinking about – Our Second Year!

  January 20th. It may not mean much to you, but it’s a big deal for us.  It’s go lb. salt’s second anniversary! You can get a recap of our first year if you need a refresher, but this post is all about our second… Continue reading

UMAi Dry Bag – Is it really dry aging?

  Dry aged beef. It’s the result of a process. That process is defined as follows: “Carcasses, primals and / or subprimals are stored – without protective packaging – at refrigeration temperatures for one to five weeks to allow the natural enzymatic and biochemical processes… Continue reading

What Boston Market Isn’t Telling Customers About Salt

(Image courtesy of Chester Higgins Jr. / The New York Times) Reader’s Note:  This post is best read while playing Alanis Morrisette’s – Ironic in the background. Boston Market is making big news this week for doing something that seems crazy. Actually it is crazy.… Continue reading

Himalayan Salt Blocks – Cooking with Saltware™

  It has recently come to our attention that this blog has failed to address an entire genre of salt use. We intend to correct that error, starting today! We are well aware of the concept of “salting your food”. But what about the idea… Continue reading

Salt – Common Ingredient, Unique Characteristics

  Salt. It’s become a four letter word for many. Don’t utter it, don’t use it… more than that, be afraid, very afraid. Part of the fear and the fervor stems from a lack of understanding. If we only used salt to season our food,… Continue reading

Salt – The Perfect Gift!

  What’s the best gift you’ve ever been given? Money? Jewelry? Clothing? A car? A house or other object? Unfortunately gifts today are usually valued economically and not intrinsically or sentimentally. Even when we put serious effort into finding just the right gift, it’s almost… Continue reading

The Oceans Bounty – Meet The Gourmand & Three New Sea Salts

  It’s a shame really. Most of us eat three meals a day. Many of those are consumed on the run – or at least with a time constraint in mind. We’re happy (and sometimes even prefer) to have someone cook for us. Maybe we… Continue reading

Peppercorns (Piper nigrum) – Their place in history!

  It’s been referred to as the King spice, or the Master spice. It’s earliest known use? Shortly after his death in 1213 B.C.E. black peppercorns were stuffed into the nostrils of Ramesses II as part of his mummification ritual. While Perigord truffles are known… Continue reading

Farmer’s Markets – The salt of the earth?

  Preservation.  Of Community.  Of the Environment.  Of Land.  Of Food. You might have more in common with salt than you think! Salt’s original and primary purpose was for the preservation of food. Modern canning techniques, Louis Pasteur, Ball and Mason were not only unheard… Continue reading