NEW PRODUCT RELEASES – Sriracha Flake Salt & FACON Sriracha Seasoning

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It’s a name we’ve come to know… and love – but most of us cannot correctly pronounce it.  So, let’s clear that up first.  See-rah-chah.  The first ‘r’ is silent.  Need more help?  Check out this quick video example that includes the founder of Huy Fong Foods offering the authentic pronunciation.

Our collective inability to correctly pronounce it’s name has not prevented this beloved sauce from becoming the world’s most popular condiment.  Or as it’s referred to in the offices of H. J. Heinz – “the ketchup killer”.

The recipe originally produced by David Tran and family at Huy Fong Foods used Serrano peppers.  Now they use red Jalapeño peppers.  This adjustment to the recipe provides more flavor and a bit less heat, thereby making sriracha a more universally acceptable hot sauce.  (unless you live in Irwindale, California – there, it seems the universe is conspiring against sriracha) 

People around the world use sriracha on almost any food you can think of.  The subtle sweetness, combined with the slight vinegar tartness along with the hint of garlic-y goodness and gentle chile pepper burn is seriously addictive.

However, sometimes using the sauce comes at a culinary price.  The perfect bite is always about appearance, taste and texture.  There’s no denying the beauty of the rich, red color of sriracha.  We’ve agreed long ago on it’s uniquely tasty contributions.  However, using sriracha sauce can cause otherwise crispy textures to become soggy and that just kills a good dish.  How soggy depends on the application but we make allowance because there isn’t hasn’t been a good alternative – until now…

If you like sriracha sauce, then meet your new best friend.  We are proud to introduce the world’s first Sriracha Flake Sea Salt.  This unrefined top growth crystal is crafted using pure sriracha sauce.  The finished product holds all the flavor of sriracha that you could possibly pack into a light, delicate flake salt and the piquant kick that we’ve come to know and expect from sriracha.

So, if you are looking for a great alternative to your favorite hot sauce but are tired of carrying around that large bottle in your purse or pocket, pack along our intensely flavorful two ounce container of sriracha infused salt and you’ll never be left wanting again!

But, we didn’t stop there!  We’ve added yet another unique blend to our offering as well.  We are equally proud to introduce our FACON™ Sriracha Seasoning.  Imagine the great tastes of Sriracha AND bacon in a vegan friendly, gluten-free seasoning… now stop imagining!  You can find it online alongside FACON™, the original vegan friendly, gluten-free bacon flavored seasoning.

Now you have two more reasons to love us!